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Hello, I am Melissia Silinsky, the School Counselor at McIntosh County Middle School. I would like to welcome everyone to the McIntosh County Middle School's Counseling Department; where students are the center of our everyday educational existence. 

It is our mission to provide an opportunity for each student to receive an excellent education culminating in a high school diploma. Through collaboration within the total school, the guidance department works with students as they grow and learn in a positive atmosphere.

It is our vision for all students to meet and/or exceed Georgia Accountability measures. This is just one of the many visions that entail the guidance department. We also focus on improvements in skill building and career exploration. Guidance at MCMS is centered around the "total child" as he (she) continues as a "life long learner."
Melissa Silinsky 
Guidance Services
1) Provide Individual Counseling As Needed

a) Personal / Problem-solving
i) Family problems
                   ii) Problems with peers
iii) Personal issues
iv) Suicide

b) Academic / Planning

c) Testing as needed

d) Test Preparation / Score Interpretation

2) Provide Small Group Counseling

a) Personal or Social Support Group: as needed (may include the following)
i) Victims of bullying / Students who bully others
iii) Grief / Bereavement
iii) Divorce
iv) Alcohol / Drug Abuse by parents

b) Skill Building As Needed: (may include the following)
i) Anger Management
ii) Peer Interaction / Social Skills
iii) Study Skills

3) Classroom Guidance as time allows (may include the following):

a) Academic / Study Skills

b) Career Exploration

c) Anger Management

d) Conflict Resolution

e) Bullying Prevention / Intervention

f) Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug Abuse Prevention

g) Coordinate Red Ribbon week activities

4) Coordinate School-Wide Character Education Program

a) Provide monthly character theme

b) Other activities as needed

5) Coordinates School-Wide Testing: Criterion and/or Norm Referenced

a) Security, inventory, handling, and storage of all testing materials

b) Orientation and Training of Test Administrators and Proctors

c) Distribution of materials to and from test examiners on test days

d) Administer make-up tests as needed

e) Filing and storage of score reports

6) Schedule Students (current and new students)

a) Changes and/or corrections to individual schedules

b) Registration and scheduling of new students (verify discipline, grade level, etc. with previous school)

c) Class leveling / student distribution

7) Consult with Faculty, Staff, and Administration as needed

8) Consult with Parents as needed

a) Coordinate (and attend) parent-teacher conferences as needed

b) Individual parents as needed

c) Test score interpretation for parents and students

9) Consult with Community Agencies as needed

a) Report abuse / neglect as identified

b) Coordinate meetings for case workers and students

c) Refer students to appropriate agencies as needed.

10) Assist with Student Referrals (for Psychological/Behavioral Testing, Vision and for Hearing Tests, and provide appropriate records/documents).

11) IEP Committee

a) Attend meetings as needed

b) Provide services and assistance for students and parents as provided for in the IEP  

12) Student Support/ RTI Team

a) Schedule meetings as needed

b) Provide assistance to students and parents as needed

c) Refer students for further testing as needed

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