MCMS Mission Statement

“Educational Excellence and Equity for All" (E3)

MCMS Vision Statement

“To graduate all students prepared for college and/or careers.”

Weekly Announcements
Monday, 5/16
- 6th and 7th on Early Summer School/Remediation Schedule
- 8th on GMAS Schedule
- Milestones Make-ups

Tuesday, 5/17
- 8th Grade Milestones - GA Studies Sections I and II
- 8th on GMAS Schedule
- 6th and 7th on Early Summer School/Remediation Schedule
- 6th Grade Field Trip to Boys and Girls Club Teen Center

Wednesday, 5/18
- 8th Grade Milestones - Science Sections I and II
- 8th on GMAS Schedule
- 6th and 7th on Early Summer School/Remediation Schedule

Thursday, 5/19
- Student Names Due for Academic Awards
- Milestones Make-ups
- ALL grades on Early Summer School/Remediation Schedule

Friday, 5/20
- Milestones Make-ups
-ALL grades on Early Summer School/Remediation Schedule

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For your information...

Registration is done at the McIntosh County BOE
between the hours of 8:30 until 10:30
and again at 3:00 until 4:00 pm. Monday thru Thursday!
Please click here to began the process!

Emergency Broadband (EBB) 

Mrs. Deverger on being selected
as WTOC's Top Teacher!

Click the image to watch the video. 
MCMS Teachers and Staff
Select the teacher's name to view Google Site Links and classroom information.
6th grade- Mrs. Boone
7th grade- Mr. Heck
8th grade- Mrs. Spannuth

6th grade- Kristie Rollins
7th grade- Mrs. Jarriel
8th grade- Mrs. Karen Graves

6th grade- Ms. Mallard
7th grade- Mrs. Weikel
8th grade- Ms. Pascoe 
Read 180- Mrs. Gajeske
6th grade- Mr. Hutcheson
7th grade- Mrs. Amason
8th grade- Mrs. Deverger

Social Studies
6th grade- Ms. Phillips
7th grade- Mrs. Armstrong
8th grade- Ms. Jenkins

Mr. Caldwell
Mrs. Gregory
Coach Pollock
Ms. Crosby 
Agriculture-  Mr. Deverger
PLTW- Ms. Galbreath
PE/Health- Coach Jones
PE/Health- Coach Judd
Computer/Business- Ms. Donn
Art- Mrs. McClellan
Band- Mr. & Mrs. Oliver
Spanish - Ms. Pulos

Nathaniel Grovnor
Troy Spannuth
Support Staff
Principal & Assistant Principal
Mr. Brooker & Mrs. Poppell
Academic Coach- Mrs. Hulett
Guidance- Mrs. Grossman
Media Specialist- Mrs. Shell 
School Nurse- Mrs. Rozier
School Resource Officer - Sgt. Rozier
Bookkeeper & Registrar - Ms. Johnson
School Secretary - Mrs. O'Neal

Golden Rule Winner
School-wide Winner

Emily Attaway

2021-2022 Golden Rule winners are...

Heather Spannuth (Paragon)
Troy Spannuth (Staff) 

2021-22 Winners

September Winner - Vallye Williams - 8th
October Winner - Tamaria Williams - 7th
November Winner - Montavious Butler - 6th
January Winner - Emily Attaway - 8th
February Winner - Tyler Smalls - 7th
March Winner -  Cristina Van Daley - 6th
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